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openPMD::ADIOS1IOHandler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ADIOS1IOHandler (std::string path, Access)
std::string backendName () const override
 The currently used backend.
std::future< void > flush () override
 Process operations in queue according to FIFO. More...
void enqueue (IOTask const &) override
 Add provided task to queue according to FIFO. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AbstractIOHandler
 AbstractIOHandler (std::string path, Access at, MPI_Comm)
 AbstractIOHandler (std::string path, Access at)


class ADIOS1IOHandlerImpl

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from openPMD::AbstractIOHandler
const std::string directory
const Access m_backendAccess
const Access m_frontendAccess
std::queue< IOTaskm_work
FlushLevel m_flushLevel = FlushLevel::InternalFlush

Member Function Documentation

◆ enqueue()

void openPMD::ADIOS1IOHandler::enqueue ( IOTask const &  iotask)

Add provided task to queue according to FIFO.

iotaskTask to be executed after all previously enqueued IOTasks complete.

Reimplemented from openPMD::AbstractIOHandler.

◆ flush()

std::future< void > openPMD::ADIOS1IOHandler::flush ( )

Process operations in queue according to FIFO.

Future indicating the completion state of the operation for backends that decide to implement this operation asynchronously.

Implements openPMD::AbstractIOHandler.

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