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openPMD::Writable Class Referencefinal

Layer to mirror structure of logical data and persistent data in file. More...

#include <Writable.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Writable (Writable const &other)=delete
 Writable (Writable &&other)=delete
Writableoperator= (Writable const &other)=delete
Writableoperator= (Writable &&other)=delete
void seriesFlush ()
 Flush the corresponding Series object. More...


class internal::AttributableData
class AttributableInterface
template<typename T_elem >
class BaseRecord
template<typename T , typename T_key , typename T_container >
class Container
class Iteration
class Mesh
class ParticleSpecies
class SeriesInterface
class Record
class ADIOS1IOHandlerImpl
class ParallelADIOS1IOHandlerImpl
class ADIOS2IOHandlerImpl
class HDF5IOHandlerImpl
class ParallelHDF5IOHandlerImpl
class AbstractIOHandlerImplCommon< ADIOS2FilePosition >
class JSONIOHandlerImpl
struct test::TestHelper
template<typename >
class Span
std::string concrete_h5_file_position (Writable *)
std::string concrete_bp1_file_position (Writable *)

Detailed Description

Layer to mirror structure of logical data and persistent data in file.

Hierarchy of objects (datasets, groups, attributes, ...) in openPMD is managed in this class. It also indicates the current synchronization state between logical and persistent data: - whether the object has been created in persistent form

Member Function Documentation

◆ seriesFlush()

void openPMD::Writable::seriesFlush ( )

Flush the corresponding Series object.

Writable connects all objects of an openPMD series through a linked list of parents. This method will walk up the parent list until it reaches an object that has no parent, which is the Series object, and flush()-es it.

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