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openPMD::ADIOS2IOHandlerImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ADIOS2IOHandlerImpl (AbstractIOHandler *, MPI_Comm, nlohmann::json config, std::string engineType)
 ADIOS2IOHandlerImpl (AbstractIOHandler *, nlohmann::json config, std::string engineType)
std::future< void > flush () override
void createFile (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::CREATE_FILE > const &) override
void createPath (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::CREATE_PATH > const &) override
void createDataset (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::CREATE_DATASET > const &) override
void extendDataset (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::EXTEND_DATASET > const &) override
void openFile (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::OPEN_FILE > const &) override
void closeFile (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::CLOSE_FILE > const &) override
void openPath (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::OPEN_PATH > const &) override
void closePath (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::CLOSE_PATH > const &) override
void openDataset (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::OPEN_DATASET > &) override
void deleteFile (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::DELETE_FILE > const &) override
void deletePath (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::DELETE_PATH > const &) override
void deleteDataset (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::DELETE_DATASET > const &) override
void deleteAttribute (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::DELETE_ATT > const &) override
void writeDataset (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::WRITE_DATASET > const &) override
void writeAttribute (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::WRITE_ATT > const &) override
void readDataset (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::READ_DATASET > &) override
void getBufferView (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::GET_BUFFER_VIEW > &) override
void readAttribute (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::READ_ATT > &) override
void listPaths (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::LIST_PATHS > &) override
void listDatasets (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::LIST_DATASETS > &) override
void listAttributes (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::LIST_ATTS > &parameters) override
void advance (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::ADVANCE > &) override
void availableChunks (Writable *, Parameter< Operation::AVAILABLE_CHUNKS > &) override
adios2::Mode adios2AccessMode (std::string const &fullPath)
 The ADIOS2 access type to chose for Engines opened within this instance.
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AbstractIOHandlerImplCommon< ADIOS2FilePosition >
 AbstractIOHandlerImplCommon (AbstractIOHandler *handler)


template<typename , typename >
struct detail::DatasetHelper
struct detail::GetSpan
struct detail::DatasetReader
struct detail::AttributeReader
struct detail::AttributeWriter
struct detail::OldAttributeReader
struct detail::OldAttributeWriter
template<typename >
struct detail::AttributeTypes
struct detail::DatasetOpener
struct detail::VariableDefiner
template<typename >
struct detail::DatasetTypes
struct detail::WriteDataset
struct detail::BufferedActions
struct detail::BufferedAttributeRead

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from openPMD::AbstractIOHandlerImplCommon< ADIOS2FilePosition >
enum  PossiblyExisting
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AbstractIOHandlerImplCommon< ADIOS2FilePosition >
std::tuple< InvalidatableFile, std::unordered_map< Writable *, InvalidatableFile >::iterator, bool > getPossiblyExisting (std::string file)
void associateWithFile (Writable *writable, InvalidatableFile file)
std::string fullPath (InvalidatableFile)
std::string fullPath (std::string)
InvalidatableFile refreshFileFromParent (Writable *writable, bool preferParentFile)
 Get the writable's containing file. More...
std::shared_ptr< ADIOS2FilePositionsetAndGetFilePosition (Writable *writable, bool write=true)
 Figure out the file position of the writable. More...
virtual std::shared_ptr< ADIOS2FilePositionsetAndGetFilePosition (Writable *writable, std::string extend)
 Figure out the file position of the writable and extend it. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from openPMD::AbstractIOHandlerImplCommon< ADIOS2FilePosition >
std::unordered_map< Writable *, InvalidatableFilem_files
 map each Writable to its associated file contains only the filename, without the OS path
std::unordered_set< InvalidatableFilem_dirty

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