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openPMD::WriteIterations Class Reference

Writing side of the streaming API. More...

#include <WriteIterations.hpp>

Public Types

using key_type = typename iterations_t::key_type
using mapped_type = typename iterations_t::mapped_type
using value_type = typename iterations_t::value_type
using reference = typename iterations_t::reference

Public Member Functions

mapped_type & operator[] (key_type const &key)
mapped_type & operator[] (key_type &&key)


class Series

Detailed Description

Writing side of the streaming API.

Create instance via Series::writeIterations(). For use via WriteIterations::operator[](). Designed to allow reading any kind of Series, streaming and non- streaming alike. Calling Iteration::close() manually before opening the next iteration is encouraged and will implicitly flush all deferred IO actions. Otherwise, Iteration::close() will be implicitly called upon SeriesIterator::operator++(), i.e. upon going to the next iteration in the foreach loop.

Since this is designed for streaming mode, reopening an iteration is not possible once it has been closed.

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