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openPMD::Record Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Record (Record const &)=default
Recordoperator= (Record const &)=default
RecordsetUnitDimension (std::map< UnitDimension, double > const &)
template<typename T >
timeOffset () const
template<typename T >
RecordsetTimeOffset (T)
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::BaseRecord< RecordComponent >
 BaseRecord (BaseRecord const &b)
BaseRecordoperator= (BaseRecord const &b)
mapped_type & operator[] (key_type const &key) override
mapped_type & operator[] (key_type &&key) override
BaseRecord< RecordComponent >::mapped_type & operator[] (std::string &&key)
size_type erase (key_type const &key) override
iterator erase (iterator res) override
std::array< double, 7 > unitDimension () const
 Return the physical dimension (quantity) of a record. More...
bool scalar () const
 Returns true if this record only contains a single component. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::Container< RecordComponent >
 Container (Container const &)=default
iterator begin () noexcept
const_iterator begin () const noexcept
const_iterator cbegin () const noexcept
iterator end () noexcept
const_iterator end () const noexcept
const_iterator cend () const noexcept
bool empty () const noexcept
size_type size () const noexcept
void clear ()
 Remove all objects from the container and (if written) from disk. More...
std::pair< iterator, bool > insert (value_type const &value)
std::pair< iterator, bool > insert (P &&value)
iterator insert (const_iterator hint, value_type const &value)
iterator insert (const_iterator hint, P &&value)
void insert (InputIt first, InputIt last)
void insert (std::initializer_list< value_type > ilist)
void swap (Container &other)
mapped_type & at (key_type const &key)
mapped_type const & at (key_type const &key) const
virtual mapped_type & operator[] (key_type const &key)
 Access the value that is mapped to a key equivalent to key, creating it if such key does not exist already. More...
virtual mapped_type & operator[] (key_type &&key)
 Access the value that is mapped to a key equivalent to key, creating it if such key does not exist already. More...
iterator find (key_type const &key)
const_iterator find (key_type const &key) const
size_type count (key_type const &key) const
 This returns either 1 if the key is found in the container of 0 if not. More...
bool contains (key_type const &key) const
 Checks if there is an element with a key equivalent to an exiting key in the container. More...
virtual size_type erase (key_type const &key)
 Remove a single element from the container and (if written) from disk. More...
virtual iterator erase (iterator res)
auto emplace (Args &&... args) -> decltype(InternalContainer().emplace(std::forward< Args >(args)...))
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
Attribute getAttribute (std::string const &key) const
 Retrieve value of Attribute stored with provided key. More...
bool deleteAttribute (std::string const &key)
 Remove Attribute of provided value both logically and physically. More...
std::vector< std::string > attributes () const
 List all currently stored Attributes' keys. More...
size_t numAttributes () const
 Count all currently stored Attributes. More...
bool containsAttribute (std::string const &key) const
 Check whether am Attribute with a given key exists. More...
std::string comment () const
 Retrieve a user-supplied comment associated with the object. More...
AttributableInterfacesetComment (std::string const &comment)
 Populate Attribute corresponding to a comment with the user-supplied comment. More...
void seriesFlush ()
 Flush the corresponding Series object. More...
MyPath myPath () const
 The path to this object within its containing Series. More...
template<typename T >
bool setAttribute (std::string const &key, T value)
 Populate Attribute of provided name with provided value. More...
bool setAttribute (std::string const &key, char const value[])


class Container< Record >
class Iteration
class ParticleSpecies

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from openPMD::BaseRecord< RecordComponent >
using key_type = typename Container< RecordComponent >::key_type
using mapped_type = typename Container< RecordComponent >::mapped_type
using value_type = typename Container< RecordComponent >::value_type
using size_type = typename Container< RecordComponent >::size_type
using difference_type = typename Container< RecordComponent >::difference_type
using allocator_type = typename Container< RecordComponent >::allocator_type
using reference = typename Container< RecordComponent >::reference
using const_reference = typename Container< RecordComponent >::const_reference
using pointer = typename Container< RecordComponent >::pointer
using const_pointer = typename Container< RecordComponent >::const_pointer
using iterator = typename Container< RecordComponent >::iterator
using const_iterator = typename Container< RecordComponent >::const_iterator
- Public Types inherited from openPMD::Container< RecordComponent >
using key_type = typename InternalContainer::key_type
using mapped_type = typename InternalContainer::mapped_type
using value_type = typename InternalContainer::value_type
using size_type = typename InternalContainer::size_type
using difference_type = typename InternalContainer::difference_type
using allocator_type = typename InternalContainer::allocator_type
using reference = typename InternalContainer::reference
using const_reference = typename InternalContainer::const_reference
using pointer = typename InternalContainer::pointer
using const_pointer = typename InternalContainer::const_pointer
using iterator = typename InternalContainer::iterator
using const_iterator = typename InternalContainer::const_iterator
- Protected Types inherited from openPMD::Container< RecordComponent >
using InternalContainer = std::map< std::string, RecordComponent >
- Protected Types inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
enum  ReadMode { IgnoreExisting, OverrideExisting, FullyReread }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openPMD::BaseRecord< RecordComponent >
void readBase ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openPMD::Container< RecordComponent >
void clear_unchecked ()
EraseStaleEntries eraseStaleEntries ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
 AttributableInterface (internal::AttributableData *)
template<typename T >
 AttributableInterface (T *attri)
const internal::SeriesInternalretrieveSeries () const
internal::SeriesInternalretrieveSeries ()
void seriesFlush (FlushLevel)
void flushAttributes ()
void readAttributes (ReadMode)
template<typename T >
readFloatingpoint (std::string const &key) const
 Retrieve the value of a floating point Attribute of user-defined precision with ensured type-safety. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > readVectorFloatingpoint (std::string const &key) const
 Retrieve a vector of values of a floating point Attributes of user-defined precision with ensured type-safety. More...
AbstractIOHandlerIOHandler ()
const AbstractIOHandlerIOHandler () const
Writable *& parent ()
const Writableparent () const
Writablewritable ()
const Writablewritable () const
internal::AttributableDataget ()
const internal::AttributableDataget () const
bool dirty () const
bool & dirty ()
bool written () const
bool & written ()
const IterationcontainingIteration () const
 Returns the corresponding Iteration. More...
IterationcontainingIteration ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from openPMD::BaseRecord< RecordComponent >
std::shared_ptr< bool > m_containsScalar
- Protected Attributes inherited from openPMD::Container< RecordComponent >
std::shared_ptr< InternalContainer > m_container
- Protected Attributes inherited from openPMD::LegacyAttributable
std::shared_ptr< internal::AttributableDatam_attributableData
- Protected Attributes inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
internal::AttributableDatam_attri = nullptr

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