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openPMD::internal::SeriesInternal Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SeriesInternal (std::string const &filepath, Access at, MPI_Comm comm, std::string const &options="{}")
 SeriesInternal (std::string const &filepath, Access at, std::string const &options="{}")
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::internal::SeriesData
 SeriesData (SeriesData const &)=delete
 SeriesData (SeriesData &&)=delete
SeriesDataoperator= (SeriesData const &)=delete
SeriesDataoperator= (SeriesData &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::internal::AttributableData
 AttributableData (AttributableData const &)=delete
 AttributableData (AttributableData &&)=delete
AttributableDataoperator= (AttributableData const &)=delete
AttributableDataoperator= (AttributableData &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::SeriesInterface
std::string openPMD () const
SeriesInterfacesetOpenPMD (std::string const &openPMD)
 Set the version of the enforced openPMD standard. More...
uint32_t openPMDextension () const
SeriesInterfacesetOpenPMDextension (uint32_t openPMDextension)
 Set a 32-bit mask of applied extensions to the openPMD standard. More...
std::string basePath () const
SeriesInterfacesetBasePath (std::string const &basePath)
 Set the common prefix for all data sets and sub-groups of a specific iteration. More...
std::string meshesPath () const
SeriesInterfacesetMeshesPath (std::string const &meshesPath)
 Set the path to mesh records, relative(!) to basePath. More...
std::string particlesPath () const
SeriesInterfacesetParticlesPath (std::string const &particlesPath)
 Set the path to groups for each particle species, relative(!) to basePath. More...
std::string author () const
SeriesInterfacesetAuthor (std::string const &author)
 Indicate the author and contact for the information in the file. More...
std::string software () const
SeriesInterfacesetSoftware (std::string const &newName, std::string const &newVersion=std::string("unspecified"))
 Indicate the software/code/simulation that created the file. More...
std::string softwareVersion () const
SeriesInterfacesetSoftwareVersion (std::string const &softwareVersion)
 Indicate the version of the software/code/simulation that created the file. More...
std::string date () const
SeriesInterfacesetDate (std::string const &date)
 Indicate the date of creation. More...
std::string softwareDependencies () const
SeriesInterfacesetSoftwareDependencies (std::string const &newSoftwareDependencies)
 Indicate dependencies of software that were used to create the file. More...
std::string machine () const
SeriesInterfacesetMachine (std::string const &newMachine)
 Indicate the machine or relevant hardware that created the file. More...
IterationEncoding iterationEncoding () const
SeriesInterfacesetIterationEncoding (IterationEncoding iterationEncoding)
 Set the encoding style for multiple iterations in this series. More...
std::string iterationFormat () const
SeriesInterfacesetIterationFormat (std::string const &iterationFormat)
 Set a pattern describing how to access single iterations in the raw file. More...
std::string name () const
SeriesInterfacesetName (std::string const &name)
 Set the pattern for file names. More...
std::string backend () const
 The currently used backend. More...
void flush ()
 Execute all required remaining IO operations to write or read data.
- Public Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
Attribute getAttribute (std::string const &key) const
 Retrieve value of Attribute stored with provided key. More...
bool deleteAttribute (std::string const &key)
 Remove Attribute of provided value both logically and physically. More...
std::vector< std::string > attributes () const
 List all currently stored Attributes' keys. More...
size_t numAttributes () const
 Count all currently stored Attributes. More...
bool containsAttribute (std::string const &key) const
 Check whether am Attribute with a given key exists. More...
std::string comment () const
 Retrieve a user-supplied comment associated with the object. More...
AttributableInterfacesetComment (std::string const &comment)
 Populate Attribute corresponding to a comment with the user-supplied comment. More...
void seriesFlush ()
 Flush the corresponding Series object. More...
MyPath myPath () const
 The path to this object within its containing Series. More...
template<typename T >
bool setAttribute (std::string const &key, T value)
 Populate Attribute of provided name with provided value. More...
bool setAttribute (std::string const &key, char const value[])


struct SeriesShared
class openPMD::Iteration
class openPMD::Series
class openPMD::Writable

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from openPMD::internal::AttributableData
using A_MAP = std::map< std::string, Attribute >
- Public Attributes inherited from openPMD::internal::SeriesData
Container< Iteration, uint64_t > iterations {}
auxiliary::Option< WriteIterationsm_writeIterations
auxiliary::Option< std::string > m_overrideFilebasedFilename
std::string m_name
std::string m_filenamePrefix
std::string m_filenamePostfix
int m_filenamePadding = -1
IterationEncoding m_iterationEncoding {}
Format m_format
StepStatus m_stepStatus = StepStatus::NoStep
 Whether a step is currently active for this iteration. More...
bool m_parseLazily = false
bool m_lastFlushSuccessful = true
- Public Attributes inherited from openPMD::internal::AttributableData
Writable m_writable
- Protected Types inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
enum  ReadMode { IgnoreExisting, OverrideExisting, FullyReread }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openPMD::SeriesInterface
 SeriesInterface (internal::SeriesData *, internal::AttributableData *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
 AttributableInterface (internal::AttributableData *)
template<typename T >
 AttributableInterface (T *attri)
const internal::SeriesInternalretrieveSeries () const
internal::SeriesInternalretrieveSeries ()
void seriesFlush (FlushLevel)
void flushAttributes ()
void readAttributes (ReadMode)
template<typename T >
readFloatingpoint (std::string const &key) const
 Retrieve the value of a floating point Attribute of user-defined precision with ensured type-safety. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > readVectorFloatingpoint (std::string const &key) const
 Retrieve a vector of values of a floating point Attributes of user-defined precision with ensured type-safety. More...
AbstractIOHandlerIOHandler ()
const AbstractIOHandlerIOHandler () const
Writable *& parent ()
const Writableparent () const
Writablewritable ()
const Writablewritable () const
internal::AttributableDataget ()
const internal::AttributableDataget () const
bool dirty () const
bool & dirty ()
bool written () const
bool & written ()
const IterationcontainingIteration () const
 Returns the corresponding Iteration. More...
IterationcontainingIteration ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from openPMD::AttributableInterface
internal::AttributableDatam_attri = nullptr

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